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ONIRYS™ Lighting Fabrics

Material Is Light

Saint‐Gobain ADFORS is proud to announce its latest innovation: the exclusive ONIRYS™ lighted fabric. ONIRYS™ is an aesthetic and technical revolution, interweaving optical fiber and fibreglass, into special fabrics, using Lightex® technology. These tapestries are designed for interior decoration and are an invitation for interior designers and architects to apply light to their design projects as a living, flexible, moving material, offering an infinite source of inspiration. It can be modelled and personalized as desired, or the models from the range can be used.

Light reinvented

A flexible fabric… The light is woven into the material and emanates a soft, warm glow from the surface of the fabric. ONIRYS™ has all the qualities of a traditional fabric: it is flexible, thin, lightweight, and easy to work with. The light can be worked in 3D, adapted to different fabrics, and made into textile panels, wall hangings, separations, wall coverings, etc.

A gentle and adjustable light… ONIRYS™ is connected to a LED source and diffuses a monochrome white light, in all variations of colour temperatures (from cold white to warmer whites), or in the palette of red/green/blue colours. The intensity of the light can be adjusted using an electrical dimmer to create a stronger or softer light.

An evolutionary material in the hands of project managers… Saint‐Gobain ADFORS offers all those with a design project (interior designers, architects, technicians, trend forecasters etc) an intensity which can be adapted as desired.With the help of the project teams at Saint‐Gobain ADFORS, customers can adapt the ONIRYS™ raw material to their project by having designs of their choice woven into the textile, which will then be enhanced by integrating the light.

A first collection of designs called "Saint‐Gobain ADFORS by Fabrice KNOLL"

The architect and designer Fabrice KNOLL is the first to have worked with this new luminous material, which he instantly recognised as having something magical about it. Saint-Gobain ADFORS commissioned him to design a collection of three Jacquard patterns with eclectic inspirations:

  • Geometric: This very ‘Art Deco’ pattern, which recalls ‘Swiss chalet’‐style designs, has a very warm, woollen look.
  • Japanese: This pattern, inspired by 16th Century Japanese textiles, offers a universally harmonious, delicate and balanced light.
  • Elliptic: The finesse of these patterns, reminiscent of an industrial era but without any harshness, makes them ideal for the retail world.

Fabrice KNOLL created this collection of patterns to allow ONIRYS™ to be used in a variety of spheres: the hotel and catering industries, shops and offices, reception venues, etc.


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