The highest quality class for ADFORS

mesh Adfors Vertex
10 Aug 2017
Certification ETICS

Who has appreciated us? The Czech Guild for Building Insulation - an association of entrepreneurs (companies and private persons) active in the field of building insulation, founded in 1993. At present, the guild associates more than four dozen specialized firms and specialists whose main activity is the production and distribution of thermal insulation systems, implementation and assembly of these systems, designing and assessment or expert activities. In order to further improve the quality of the thermal insulating contact systems (ETICS), Guild requirements are more demanding compared to the current common European ones. In this respect, ETICS, as well as selected components, extends service life and demonstrates how much the top quality and technical issues are important for ETICS and its component manufacturers.
The certificate is issued for the ETICS as a whole and can also be issued for individual selected ETICS components - currently for dowels, thermal insulating materials and glass meshes.
Our company has received this award for R117, R123 and R131, which are the most used types in the Czech Republic.

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