PGM Roofing Fabrics

PGM Roofing Fabrics

The ​ADFORS PGM roofing fabric line includes a wide variety of fabrics to suit your needs.  PGM products include: 

  • PGM 201 Asphalt Coated Woven Glass Fabric, 20x20
  • PGM 202 Asphalt Coated Woven Glass Fabric, 20x10
  • PGM 204 White Resin Coated Fiber Glass Fabric 20x20
  • PGM 205/217/241 Resin Coated Woven Glass Fabric, 20x20
  • PGM 207/219/243 Resin Coated Fiber Glass Fabric 10x10
  • PGM 212X Glass Mat
  • PGM 213 Asphalt Saturated Standard Grade Cotton
  • PGM 215 Asphalt Saturated Specification Grade Cotton
  • PGM 216 Jute/Burlap – Asphalt Saturated
  • PGM 250 Lutradur Spunbonded Polyester Mat
  • PGM 255 Baymat XP403 Polyester Mat Reinforced with 5x5 Polyester Scrim


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