ESF Product Line Testing

15 May 2017
Saint-Gobain ADFORS Releases Testing Information on ESF Product Line

(Grand Island, NY) – Saint-Gobain ADFORS announced testing results on their ESF (Engineered Specialty Fabrics) product line.  ESF or Engineered Specialty Fabrics provide the ability to go off the 0-90 degree axis providing fabrics with increased durability and off-load line strength. Utilizing high-tenacity yarns allows Saint-Gobain ADFORS to create innovative, cost-effective materials that offer structural reinforcement with less bulk and weight.  This results in a wide variety of options to make products stronger and lighter.  

Testing to back up these claims on the ESF fabrics were completed to the highest standards and included 3-point bend testing, impact testing, and weight savings.  Testing results were published in a new brochure by ADFORS for their ESF products.

Testing results concluded the following:

  • 3-point bend test – In 3-point bend testing, ESF reinforcements deliver a significant increase in specific bending stiffness, enabling increased performance in finished parts
  • Impact testing – Results show that many ESF fabrics increase impact resistance
  • Weight savings – Adding an ESF reinforcement layer provides a dramatic increase in bending stiffness, offering substantial weight savings by reducing the need for standard reinforcements

Years of expertise and innovation have led Saint-Gobain ADFORS to the development of scrims that result in new product designs with unsurpassed structural support.

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