Protect yourself from insects and the Zika virus

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11 Aug 2016
ADFORS Screen can help protect you and your family

With the Zika virus moving into North America this summer, it’s important for individuals to educate themselves on insect prevention.  There are many helpful ways that a person can protect themselves from mosquitoes such as removing standing water sources, wear long clothing and using bug spray, but homeowners should also focus on repairing or replacing damaged window screens.  Mosquitoes can pose a threat even when indoors which is why it is also important to check all your windows and doors for tears and damage.

If you find that you have damage, the solutions are easy.  Many small holes or tears that are less than 1-inch can be repaired with screen repair tapes or other patches that are currently on the market.  These are quick solutions for temporary repairs. If your damage or tear is larger than 1-inch, then the best solution would be to replace the entire screen. 

There are a few ways to get your screen replaced:

  • Go to a screen repair shop - Pop your screen frame out of your window and take it to your local hardware store.  Most hardware stores have a service where they will replace your screen for you within a couple of days.
  • Find a local contractor – There are many contractors that are willing to come to your home to replace the screen for you.  There are also many companies that are mobile screen repair businesses and this is what they specialize in.
  • Fix the screen yourself – This would be your most cost-effective solution.  Screen replacement is very DIY friendly because it is so easy to do.  Smaller rolls of screens can be purchased at Big Box stores and local hardware stores.  Make sure your purchase the additional tools you will need like spline and a spline roller in order to complete the job.  Many stores even sell kits that come with all the tools you need to repair your screen.  If you feel intimidated by the thought of replacing your own screen you can find many how-to videos online to help you through the process.

Historically there have been just two types of screen for you to choose from: Aluminum and Fiberglass.  Now there are many more innovative function based window screens that are designed to fit your lifestyle from allergy sufferers to pet owners.  Some of these screen options include:

  • Pollen Guard – perfect for allergy sufferers, it blocks up to 50% of harmful allergens from entering the home
  • Extra Strength – 40% stronger than standard screen and ideal for high traffic areas in the home
  • Pet Resistant – an ultra-strong polyester screen that resists tears from household pets
  • Clear Advantage™ – a unique construction gives the illusion that there is no screen present, providing near perfect outward views
  • Small Insect – a tight mesh fabric keeps tiny insects like no-see-ums, gnats and sand flies out
  • Sun Guard – help control the damaging effects of the sun on your furniture, drapes and carpets
  • Doorway Alert – a unique striped pattern screen that when installed in doors eliminates the risk of accidental walk-throughs

Most of these specialty screens are available at major retailers or can also be found online. Using the right screen for your lifestyle and regular maintenance will help give your screens a long life. 

There is even an app to help determine which type of screen is best for you.  The ADFORS® Scene Weaver app features four (4) main sections to help take the guessing game out of insect screen selection: 


  • See the Screen - allows the user to visualize what the screen will look like once installed.  The user can choose to use their device’s camera or a pre-loaded background image to view the various screen types by swiping right or left.
  • Find My Screen Match - a fun questionnaire that narrows down the user’s choices based on their lifestyle and provides a recommended products listing where the user can dive into more product detail
  • Helpful Videos – easy step-by-step product installation videos for the DIY user
  • Where to Buy – a convenient listing of the online retailers for each type of product is at the bottom of each product detail page. 


This free app is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.


Don’t have screens frames for your windows?  Not a problem.  Many manufacturers also sell frame kits for you to create your own frame.  If this is not an option, there are also adjustable screens on the market.  These unique fames adjust from side to side to fit almost any window opening to provide you with a temporary screen that you can remove at any time.

There are also temporary doorway and garage screen curtains that you can hang up to keep your areas insect free.

So, whether you need to repair or replace your damaged screens or even create a temporary screen, there are a lot of product options on the market to help you keep your home insect free.  Protect you and your family this mosquito season and visit your local hardware store or big box retailer to check out the options.


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