8 Jun 2017

GlasGrid exhibits at the largest road exhibition in Japan

EE Tohoku 2017 - road exhibition focused on local region of Tohoku in northern Japan

The company Nohara Sangyo, our partner and distributor of our construction products in Japan, exhibited at Engineering Exhibition Tohoku 2017 held on June 7-8  in Sendai, Tohoku Region. Nohara Sangyo presented ADFORS geogrids GlasGrid as anti-crack solutions for roads....
15 May 2017

ESF Product Line Testing

Saint-Gobain ADFORS Releases Testing Information on ESF Product Line

(Grand Island, NY) – Saint-Gobain ADFORS announced testing results on their ESF (Engineered Specialty Fabrics) product line.  ESF or Engineered Specialty Fabrics provide the ability to go off the 0-90 degree axis providing fabrics with increased durability and off-load line strength....
11 Aug 2016

Protect yourself from insects and the Zika virus

ADFORS Screen can help protect you and your family

With the Zika virus moving into North America this summer, it’s important for individuals to educate themselves on insect prevention.  There are many helpful ways that a person can protect themselves from mosquitoes such as removing standing water sources, wear long clothing and using bug...
15 Jul 2016

FibaTape® Extra Strength Tape

FibaTape® Extra Strength Tape is Granted Patent

(Grand Island, NY) – FibaTape, the world’s first and leading fiberglass mesh drywall tape brand, has been granted patent approval on their Extra Strength Tape.  The FibaTape Extra Strength fiberglass mesh tape is a multidirectional tape for reinforcing joints.  Designed to increase...
  • FibaFuse Wide Wall Reinforcement Fabric
10 Jun 2016

FibaFuse 36" Wide Wall Reinforcement Fabric

FibaFuse 36" Wide Fabric Featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine Article

FibaFuse Wall Reinforcment Fabric is 36 inches wide and ideal for use with large area wall repairs.  Designed to repairs walls from spider cracking, crumbliing plaster and even wallpaper removal damage, FibaFuse 36 inch wide fabric allows you to repair the wall instead of a having to go...
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