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ADFORS has a wide range of customisable fiberglass products preferred by contractors, ideal for distributors all over the world

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A wide range of fiberglass products

Distributors across the globe choose ADFORS for its wide product range and solutions to suit the needs of every contractor.

ADFORS distributors benefit from product customization too, giving them the perfect solution, no matter what the project or requirements.

Excellent communication

If you become an ADFORS retailer, you’ll also receive excellent customer service, and have access to our teams that speak seven languages.

This makes communication simple - another great reason to join the ADFORS distribution network.

The contractor’s choice

Many contractors choose ADFORS products for their quality, time saving and easy application, and our leading Vertex®, Novelio® and FibaTape® product collections are ideal for use in a wide range of construction projects.

This offers a large potential customer base to tap into by becoming an ADFORS distributor.