Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement

Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement for road infrastructure

Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement is an integral part of protecting transportation infrastructure

ADFORS reinforcement geogrids contribute to functional and safe traffic on asphalt roads, highways and airports. Our 30+ years of experience and successful installations worldwide have proven that ADFORS GlasGrid asphalt reinforcement reduces thermal and stress cracks reflected on the surface of new asphalt layers by up to three times.


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Roads and Highways

Extend your roads and highways life by up to 300 % with asphalt reinforcement geogrids. ADFORS GlasGrid can be used as full lane pavement reinforcement or isolated crack repair reinforcement and has been proven effective in all climates and geographic areas, performing equally well in desert conditions and arctic regions, which are subject to intense cold and seasonal temperature fluctuations. 

Asphalt reinforcement geogrids for roads and highways


ADFORS GlasGrid has been used at more than 200 airports worldwide to reduce maintenance costs by helping to prevent the advancement of reflective cracking. The ADFORS GlasGrid product line offers several styles of pavement reinforcement grids designed for very fast and easy application, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation time of airports, thus saving the costs associated with the closure of operations. 

Asphalt pavement reinforcement geogrids for airports

Bridges and Tunnels

ADFORS offers solutions not only for reinforcing bridge slab joints but also for visible protection, eliminating the risk of damaging the waterproofing membrane used in bridges during the milling process.  

Asphalt pavement reinforcement geogrids for bridges and tunnels

 Manholes and Utility Trench

Tram lines

The ADFORS GlasGrid product line offers a geogrid for special repairs using mastic asphalt. You can use a grid designed to eliminate poured mastic asphalt during curing and to prevent micro-cracking to reinforce tram tracks or parking areas.

GlasGrid 50NA application image tram lines

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