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American Road Patch

Contains, strengthens, and seals potholes, cracks, and utility cut repairs – while keeping water out!

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Product Overview

American Road Patch embeds into the roadway forming a waterproof seal, extending the life of repairs. Unlike traditional methods, American Road Patch is a cost effective product that properly contains, strengthens, and seals potholes, cracks, and utility cut repairs – while keeping water out!

Tensile Strength Elongation Mass per unit area Self-adhesive Thickness Rolls per pallet
>50 x 50 kN / m
≤3 %
1 lb / ft²
.18 inch
75 lb

Resources & Guides

Brochures & Sell sheets (1)

American Road Patch Sell Sheet PDF - 2.31 MB

Installation guides (1)

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FAQs on this product

What is the best way to deal with a patch that doesn’t embed into the pavement surface or starts to peel up?

If a patch does not adequately embed into the pavement or peels up after installation – either completely or partially – it does not mean the patch cannot be used. Pull up the patch, or cut out the section that did not adhere properly, clean and remove any dust and debris, dry the patch material and reapply following the installation instructions. It may not be necessary to remove the entire patch.

Can the top (aggregate surface) or bottom (bitumen side) of American Road Patch be heated with a torch?

It is acceptable to lightly heat the top (aggregate surface) of the patch to soften the bitumen before embedment. Apply torch 8” – 12” away, constantly moving the torch evenly over the surface, as to avoid burning or melting the surface. Holding the torch in one place will melt the surface. Do not heat or torch the bottom (bitumen side) of the patch. Doing so may result in damage to the bitumen preventing it from installing properly. It is best to heat the pavement directly in front of the patch as the patch is placed on the pavement, as noted in the instructions.

Can American Road Patch be milled?

Yes, American Road Patch will mill up with pavement milling operations. 

How easy is it to cut American Road Patch?

Using a utility knife, it is recommended to cut from the bottom or release paper side as it will cut cleaner through the bitumen and aggregate. 

Can seal coat such as driveway sealer, slurry seal or Chipseal be used over top of American Road Patch?

Yes, once installed American Road Patch can be sealed with driveway sealer, slurry seal, or Chipseal.