Geogrids for Local Repairs

GlasGrid PG

Self-adhesive composite fiberglass asphalt reinforcement patch grid with bitumen layer for local repairs 

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Product Overview

ADFORS GlasGrid® PG (Patch Grid) is a fast and safe repair system for local repairs. The geogrid consists of a high-stiffness fibreglass grid, which is coated with a patented polymer layer, non-woven fabric and is provided with a thin layer of modified asphalt for perfectly fixing the grid to the milled surface.

The product is specially developed for local repairs of asphalt layers in critical areas of potholes, joints and excavations and can be applied directly to the milled surface without further preparation. This composite geogrid significantly shortens the repair time thanks to the application without the use of a tack coat.

The ADFORS GlasGrid PG repair reinforcement system postpones the formation of reflective cracks by up to 3 times and saves up to 50% on road maintenance costs.

Product benefits include:

  • fast and efficient installation thanks to a self-adhesive asphalt layer
  • application without heating
  • does not damage the geogrid during installation and compaction
  • resistance to the traffic of construction trucks
  • perfect connection of asphalt layers
  • excellent milling properties
  • unlimited recyclability and enhanced properties of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
  • fewer emissions during installation


Product Tensile Strength Elongation Available widths Grid size Available lengths Weight Pieces per box Internal diameter
PG 100
100 x 100 kN / m
2,5 ± 0,5 %
1 m
25 x 25 mm
20 m
1.450 g / m²

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