Building Boards

Building Boards

Board solutions for wet areas

Buildings boards became popular over traditional building construction techniques such as brick and block as a time-saving alternative. This trend is now particularily pronounced in very demanding applications such as interior and exterior wet areas. ADFORS supports building board manufacturers with a wide range of reinforcement solutions dedicated to cement, gypsum, and EPS/XPS boards.


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Wether our customers are looking for a reinforcement to improve the weather resistance, the fire and impact resistance, and/or to provide an alkali-resistant function, our team is available to define the solution that best fits their needs.

Cement and MgO Boards

Cement board is an extremely durable building material, providing a solid and water-resistant substrate for tiled areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and swimming pools. ADFORS offers a scrim reinforcement that is alkali-resistant and used to provide structural integrity in cement boards. Options include standard scrim styles or laminates with an added glass mat or polypropylene non-woven for a smoother surface.  The PVC-coated scrim provides excellent handling and embedment qualities with fastener pull-through resistance. 

Close up of cement board

Gypsum Boards

Gypsum board technology is gaining popularity into challenging wet areas, and is a reliable lightweight alternative to cement boards either in interior (e.g. swimming pools, collective showers) and exterior applications (e.g. building façades). 

With its coated glass mat technology, ADFORS provides gypsum board manufacturers with an alternative to paper-faced solutions with a superior weather resistance including water repellancy, UV and mold resistance. Its surface is printable which enables our customers spread out their branding strategy. 

Our glass mat can also be used without being coated to improve the fire resistance and mechanical strength of the gypsum board. 

Gypsum Boards

Wet Area Boards

EPS and XPS board manufacturers succeeded over the years in applications such as bathrooms, collective showers, or saunas as they developed a versatile technology which is easy to work with, and that guarantees water-tightness in the long-run.  

ADFORS with its wide range of reinforcement solutions provides the EPS and XPS boards superior dimensional stability and design flexilibility, and makes it a safe adhesive surface for the tile coverings. 

Wet Area Boards