Laid scrim fabrics used to reinforcement

Composite Reinforcements

Composite Reinforcement

ADFORS scrim fabrics are designed to strengthen polyester resin or plastic structures. Our fabrics can be used as either a processing aid in manufacturing or a strengthening component.  The ADFORS line includes a variety of our traditional scrim products.


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Fiberglass Tank 

ADFORS manufactures both polyester and glass scrims which are used as a reinforcement in the construction of underground composite tanks. These tanks are generally used for runoff water collection and fuel (gas stations). The use of our scrim provides a framework for the resin to wet out, as well as adds hoop strength to the structure.  

Fiberglass tank on trailer bed

FG Reinforced Pipe

ADFORS manufactures polyester scrim used to reinforce extruded plastic pipes and provide increased hoop strength. We also produce a woven glass fabric for anti-corrosion wrapping and protection. All of our products provide reinforcement and protection and come in a variety of roll widths to meet your project needs.  

Reinforcement for fiberglass pipes

Cured- In Place Pipe 

ADFORS manufactures fiberglass and polyester scrim that our customers preimpregnate with resin to form liners used in trenchless rehabilitation of aging pipes. Our fabrics provide tensile and hoop strength characteristics while retaining the flexibility needed for installation.  

Aging pipes

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