Customized Industrial Fabrics


Custom-made products consist of high-tech needle mats, fabrics, high-performance plastic, mica and/or aluminum foils, and self-adhesive finishes.

DEFENSOR-Flex® solutions offer protection against the special features of lithium-ion battery fires and thermal runaway. They are engineered to help stop thermal propagation, the escape of sparks and hot toxic gases, and electrical short circuits.


  • Fire barrier for thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries
  • Protection of vehicle occupants in the event of an accident against possible fires
  • Protection of adjacent battery cells and modules and delay the thermal runaway propagation of lithium-ion batteries
  • Provide protection under battery cells and on the exterior walls from fires on the road or when transporting vehicles.
  • Allows for pressure relief in the event of battery explosions, reducing the escape of highly toxic gases and preventing the spread of flames and sparks.
  • Use when transporting defective batteries in special transport packaging.