A key role in floor coverings performance

Carpet tiles, cushion vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) flooring solutions became popular over traditional flooring materials such as hardwood thanks to their durability, resilience, and versatility. There are now commonly used either in non-residential or residential construction market segments.

The flooring industry is constantly looking and analysing new ways of bringing additional benefits to the end-customer.


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The reinforcement plays a critical role in the final product performance.

ADFORS with its complete range of reinforcement solutions, supports flooring manufacturers in defining the appropriate and tailored answer to their needs to improve the final product performance and/or to optimize the production process efficiency. Also, our know-how in chemistry helps our customers reducing their environmental impact by providing formaldehyde-free binders including bio-sourced ones.

Carpet backing

Carpet tiles can be reinforced either with polymer (e.g. PVC, PP) or bitumen backing. Named secondary backing, this one makes up the bulk of the carpet weight, and determines its dimensional stability and stiffness. The reinforcement which is used into the backing construction plays a critical role in the final product performance. 

ADFORS with its wet-laid glass mat and laid-scrim technologies provides the carpet tiles manufacturers with superior stiffness and dimensional stability to prevent tiles from curling and shrinking.

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PVC resilient flooring

Cushion vinyl and LVT floorings, whether they are produced through a calendering or a coating process, require sufficient dimensional stability and mechanical resistance from the reinforcement to ensure the final product strength. Additionnaly, stable and controlled geometrical parameters (e.g. porosity, stiffness, thickness) are critical to the final product processability. 

With its wet-laid glass mat technology, ADFORS is the right partner for your flooring development. Leveraging on our extensive experience acquired on both processes (calendering and coating), and our process versatility (e.g. gramweight, binders, lengths and diameters of glass fibers), our team is available to define the solution that best fits your needs. 

Finally, with its unique TwinFab® solution, ADFORS can provide flooring manufacturers with an alternative to glass mat technology with a superior mechanical resistance, and reduced thermal dilatation and plastisol consumption.

PVC resilient flooring

Carpet Cushion

ADFORS manufactures a variety of fiberglass scrims and fiberglass scrim laminates to act as a carrier for cushion media, as well as aiding the manufacturing process. 

Carpet cushion installation in room

Radiant Flooring

ADFORS manufactures fiberglass woven fabrics that can be used as a backer or carrier to the heating element in radiant flooring applications, which provides efficiency during installation. We offer custom colors and constructions to meet your needs.

radiant flooring