Novelio® Fiberglass Wall Coverings

Novelio® Classic Standard

ADFORS Novelio® Classic is a range of paintable, soft and resistant textured wall coverings that are quick and easy to apply, providing maximum protection to walls and ceilings.

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Product Overview

By using a  glass textile wallcovering such as Novelio® Classic, wall and ceiling durability is enhanced, with delicate surfaces reinforced to resist abrasion and provide impact resistance. What's more, the Novelio® Classic range covers cracks, making it the ideal wallpaper for damaged walls.

Products within this protective wall covering collection can also minimise  application time, thanks to a wide range of finishes available, including  pre-painted, pre-glued or self-adhesive.

The Novelio® Classic range includes the multipurpose  standard traditional fiberglass paintable wall coverings in a selection of designs, with a number of different variations. These include the Novelio® Classic EasyPaint (Pre-painted) fiberglass wall coverings that save one layer of paint during application, and Novelio® Classic EasyGlue (Pre-glued) that boasts a homogeneous film of glue activated by water, eliminating the need for glue.  The range also features Novelio® Classic EasyFix glass fiber wall coverings that have a self-adhesive layer, meaning there is no need for glue or water activation machine.

  • Novelio® Classic is also available with CleanAir treatment for improving indoor air quality, and Mold-X treatment for improving the sanitary environment.
  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Resists abrasion
  • Provides impact resistance
  • Covers all cracks
  • Available with CleanAir and MoldX treatments