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Why is ADFORS screen flame resistant and the competition’s screen is not?

ADFORS screen was tested per the ASTM standard test for flame resistance. Our coating is specially formulated to contain flame-resistant properties.

What are ASTM tests D3656 and D6413?*

These two tests measure the flame time, flame height, and char length of the screen when exposed to a flame source and after removal of the flame source. *Testing results available upon request

What makes ADFORS screen safer?

Stiff Screen is ortho-phthalate free and does not contain any substances covered under California Prop 65. We have maintained the same great aesthetics, properties and processibility that our screen has always had. We have also achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification on this product, which certifies that the product has low chemical emissions.

How does Small Insect screen stop these tiny insects from moving through openings?

Small Insect screen was engineered with a thicker yarn and tighter weave than most fiberglass screens to prevent most small insects from entering.

What is a No-See-Um?

A no-see-um is an extremely tiny insect that typically inhabits low, marshy coastal areas such as Florida, as well as mountainous and wooded areas. They often bite leaving red swollen marks on humans.

You used to carry a screen called “No-See-Um.” Do you still carry it?

Yes. We replaced “No-See-Um” screen with “Small Insect.” We made this name change because Small Insect screen not only blocks no-see-ums from entering a home or patio, but other tiny, hard to see insects as well.

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