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Why is ADFORS screen flame resistant and the competition’s screen is not?

ADFORS screen was tested per the ASTM standard test for flame resistance. Our coating is specially formulated to contain flame-resistant properties.

What are ASTM tests D3656 and D6413?*

These two tests measure the flame time, flame height, and char length of the screen when exposed to a flame source and after removal of the flame source. *Testing results available upon request

How much allergen protection does this screen offer over other screens?

Pollen Guard screen blocks up to 50% more particles than standard fiberglass screen.

Is airflow blocked as well as pollen and dust particles?

No. This unique knit design allows air to flow through while blocking pollen, dust, and other particles

How do I clean Pollen Guard?

Apply gentle pressure using a mild detergent with a soft bristle brush or sponge. Thoroughly rinse with a gentle spray of clean water. DO NOT USE a high pressure washer!

Pollen Guard is made from what type of material?

Pollen Guard is manufactured using polyester yarn

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