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When do I use FibaFuse Wall Reinforcement and when do I use FibaTape Super Crackstop™?

Both products really accomplish the same thing. It would be a matter of personal preference. The FibaFuse is embedded in compound that is applied first. The Super Crackstop is self-adhesive and is applied to the wall or ceiling first and is then coated with joint compound.

Does FibaTape need to be embedded?

Yes. FibaTape has to be embedded in joint compound but not in the same manner as paper tape or FibaFuse tape. FibaTape is self-adhesive and should be pressed into place over the seams or in inside corners before any joint compound is applied. The compound is applied over the tape and because it is a mesh tape the compound actually is forced through the tape. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of FibaTape, the ability to put all the tape in place and then embed.

Will American Road Patch hold-up against a snow plow?

American Road Patch has been installed on pavements throughout the US, performing through multiple seasons, freeze-thaw cycles, ice, and snow. When specific guidelines and instructions are followed, we have not seen snow plows dislodge the patches. American Road Patch is not indestructible but is incredibly durable when applied properly.

What is the recommended type of pothole fill material?

American Road Patch works well with hot asphalt and all types of cold patch products.

Can American Road Patch be installed in snow or rain?

American Road Patch should not be installed in rain, snow or icy conditions as the pavement surface needs to be clean and dry for proper adhesion.

How long must the roadway be closed after installation of American Road Patch?

The roadway can be opened to traffic immediately after installation. Traffic enhances the embedment of American Road Patch because it is designed to become part of the pavement.

What is the installation repair time required to fix a pothole with American Road Patch?

Repair time on average takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and size of the repair.

Is American Road Patch available in different “colors” for different types/ages of asphalt and or concrete?

Not at this time.

Are there concerns with friction and American Road Patch?

The synthetic aggregate surface of American Road Patch is similar to that of a traditional Chipseal surface treatment and provides adequate friction for traffic. The surface will wear similarly to that of a Chipseal surface and provide several years of wearing surface.

Can American Road Patch be butted or lapped for larger or irregular shapes?

Yes, a 3” overlap is recommended whenever an irregular or a large repair is required

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