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Does Clear Advantage meet industry standards?

Technically there are no industry standards for such a fine screen product (.008'). Clear Advantage exceeds minimum industry standards in both tensile strengths and bursting strengths.

What other differences exist between Clear Advantage and standard screen?

In Clear Advantage, the fiberglass strand is a finer gauge which helps make the average weight of the product 30% lower than the industry standard.

How is Clear Advantage less visible than standard fiberglass screen?

Our use of color and unique design alows for increased light absorption and less light reflection creating lower glare and making the product less visable to the naked eye.

What is the difference between standard Stiff Screen and ViPer Stiff Screen?

ViPer Stiff Screen is designed with a thinner yarn than standard Stiff Screen whichs allow you to be able to see through it more clearly, with a less obstructed view. The thinner yarn combined with a tighter weave provides the illusion of a virtually invisible screen.

When would I use Extra Strength screen over standard Fiberglass screen?

Extra Strength Screen is most useful in areas where more strength is needed such as large openings, or anywhere that children or pets may bump into.

Does a stronger screen mean that it is more difficult to see through?

No. In addition to increased durability, ADFORS Extra Strength screen offers excellent outward visibility.

What makes ADFORS screen safer?

Stiff Screen is ortho-phthalate free and does not contain any substances covered under California Prop 65. We have maintained the same great aesthetics, properties and processibility that our screen has always had. We have also achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification on this product, which certifies that the product has low chemical emissions.

What benefits of a hybrid screen product?

P3 is manufactured with both fiberglass and polyester yarns, giving you the best characteristics both have to offer. This combination provides additional strength from the polyester yarns, while maintaining the visibility with the fiberglass yarns. Additionally, P3 is much easier to install compared to other heavy duty polyester products.

Is the P3 construction different from standard Pool & Patio Screen?

No, the construction for P3 remains 18x14. The hybrid construction keeps the screen thin for easy installation.

Does the hybrid polyester/fiberglass input fibers have an adverse reaction together when exposed to the elements?

No, after numerous state of the art weathering and durability testing, the combination of both fibers does not sag, shrink or exhibit abnormal behavior when installed properly and subject to normal environmental conditions.

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