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Why upgrade to ViPer?

For a very small investment per window or door, you can have a screen that is much easier to see through providing better curb appeal.

How is ViPer less visible than standard fiberglass?

ViPer is designed with a thinner fiberglass yarn to allow you to be able to see through it more clearly. The thinner yarn combined with a tighter weave provide the illusion of a virtually invisible screen.

Does thinner yarn mean that the screen will tear easily?

No, not at all. ViPer screen was specially engineered to maintain optimal strength while allowing for a better outward view

What makes ADFORS ViPer Screen Safer?

ViPer Screen is ortho-phthalate free and does not contain any substances covered under California Prop 65. We have maintained the same great aesthetics, properties and processibility that our screen has always had. We have also achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification on this product, which certifies that the product has low chemical emissions.

Does Clear Advantage meet industry standards?

Technically there are no industry standards for such a fine screen product (.008'). Clear Advantage exceeds minimum industry standards in both tensile strengths and bursting strengths.

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