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What is the difference between Sun Guard 85 and Sun Guard 90?

The two products are manufactured with different constructions meaning they each have different amounts of yarn per square inch. Sun Guard 90 has more yarns per square inch and therefore will block a higher % of the sun’s rays.

What % of the sun does each Sun Guard product block?

Sun Guard 90 which features a 40x40 weave blocks up to 85% while Sun Guard 85 which features a 54x18 weave blocks up to 75%

Because of the tighter weave, does Sun Guard block all airflow and light?

No, it doesn’t. Sun Guard screen cloths still contain a good amount of open area to allow for airflow and light filtering

What makes ADFORS Sun Guard Screen safer?

Sun Guard Screen is ortho-phthalate free and does not contain any substances covered under California Prop 65. We have maintained the same great aesthetics, properties and processibility that our screen has always had. We have also achieved GREENGUARD Gold certification on this product, which certifies that the product has low chemical emissions.

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