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Where is the mesh produced?

The mesh is produced in Litomysl, in the Czech Republic. We have full control of the manufacture as we produce the materials for each stage of the process - from melting the glass through to packaging the final product.

Does your mesh have CE marking?

Yes, our Vertex® meshes for ETICS have CE marking.

What is the shortest/longest roll length you can supply?

We can produce rolls from 10m to 4000m in length, but this depends on the width of the roll and the type of product.

What is the narrowest/widest roll width you can supply?

The narrowest is 10cm and the widest is 300cm.

What is the lightest mesh you can supply?

Our lightest mesh is S46 for interior reinforcement.

Why do you put coloured identification lines (yarns) on some of your meshes?

The lines indicate the minimum recommended overlap of 10cm.

Can you print a logo on the mesh? What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Yes, we do. The MOQ is 50,000sqm.

To what standard(s) does your mesh conform?

CSTB, ETAG004, ETA and of course it also conforms to other national standards.

Can you supply mesh in different colours if so, which colours? What is the MOQ?

Yes, we do. The colours are in our colour catalogue. MOQ is 40,000m2.

For what range of screed thickness is ADFORS Vertex® GRID suitable?

ADFORS Vertex® Grid is suitable for use in all traditional and flowing liquid screeds between 30 - 100mm.

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