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Can cement board tape be used on regular drywall?

No. Cement board tape is made to be embedded in thin-set mortar not joint compound.  We do not suggest using it on regular drywall.

Can I use FibaTape or FibaFuse on an inside corner?

Yes.  FibaTape can be used to tape inside corners. Just fold it with one hand and press it into the corner with the other. The tape is self-adhesive so it can be applied to all the inside corners before any joint compound is applied. Make sure the tape is tight into the corner without being slightly rounded. If it is rounded then it is not tight into the corner. So when a taping knife is used to apply and smooth the joint compound the taping knife could accidentally cut through the tape. FibaTape does make a special tool for placing the tape into the inside corners.  The dispenser type tool holds a roll of tape and actually rolls the tape tight into the corner and cuts it to the desired length. A must have tool for larger taping jobs.

FibaFuse is pre-creased for corners.  While you can use a taping knife, we suggest using a corner trowel for installation to prevent cutting the tape.

What is the best way to use FibaTape when repairing cracks in plaster and is one particular version of FibaTape preferred?

Just sticking FibaTape over the crack and concealing with joint compound may work, but most likely the crack will return to some degree. Creating a V groove along the crack will allow you to actually fill in the crack and repair deep into the crack. The extreme cracks should be covered with Extra Strength FibaTape. The tape can be applied over the V groove and when compound is applied make sure to apply enough pressure with the taping knife to force compound through the tape filling the V groove. You could also prefill with compound and cover with the tape. Perfect Finish™ FibaTape is also good for the repairs because it is quite strong and is also the thinnest product making less of a bump for an easier to conceal repair.

When do I use FibaFuse Wall Reinforcement and when do I use FibaTape Super Crackstop™?

Both products really accomplish the same thing. It would be a matter of personal preference. The FibaFuse is embedded in compound that is applied first. The Super Crackstop is self-adhesive and is applied to the wall or ceiling first and is then coated with joint compound.

What type of patch should I use on a ceiling?

The perforated aluminum patch works great for smaller holes in ceilings. The aluminum adds some rigidity/strength to the patch. If you were to use just a mesh patch and coat with joint compound the weight of the compound could cause the area where the damage is to sag. This will not happen when using the aluminum patch. They are available in 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 sizes.

What is the drying time needed for the joint compound in the complete wall repair kit?

Most repairs take 2 to 3 coats of compound to complete. The first coat embeds the tape or repair patch, the second coats blends and fills around the repaired area, and the finish coat is just a thin coat that completes the blending in of the repair.  The compound in the repair kit is an air drying compound so it will typically take about 24 hours to dry.  Thinner or thicker coats of compound drying times will differ.  Just a side note: make sure the compound is completely dry before decorating.  Always follow the joint compound manffacturer's instructions for recommended drying times.

What tape should I use on butted seams?

There really are three type of tape that you can use:

FibaTape mesh tapes: Perfect Finish or Extra Strength tape are the two best mesh tapes for butted seams. Embed in an all-purpose heavy weight compound or a setting compound.

FibaFuse tape: Works great on butted seams. Embed in an all-purpose heavy weight compound or a setting compound.  One added benefit is that because FibaFuse fuses with the compound instead of setting on top of the embedding compound like paper tape does, less of a bump is created making it easier to finish.

Paper tape: Embed in an all-purpose heavy weight compound or a setting compound.

Do I need to add thin set to each screw when using cement board and FibaTape?

No, you do not need to coat the screws holding the cement board in place because the screws are made special for attaching cement board. Do not use drywall screws. Also, the screws do not have to be set below the surface of the cement board you should instead set the screws flush with the surface.

Where are FibaTape and FibaFuse products manufactured?

All our FibaTape and FibaFuse tapes are made in the USA except for Perfect Finish which is made in Canada.

Where can I buy FibaTape?

FibaTape can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Sherwin Williams, True Value,  Ace, Do-it-Best and other local hardware stores throughout US and Canada.  All products can also be found online for purchase.  Click here to visit our Where to Buy page.

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