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FibaTape Super Cracktop

A self-adhesive, fiberglass fabric for reoccuring spider web or alligator cracking.

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Product Overview

Crack stop 36 in x 75 ft Self-adhesive wall repair fabric is recommended for reinforcing and repairing drywall or plaster walls. The strong fiberglass mesh prevents cracks from spreading. This wall repair fabric is self-adhesive for easy application.

Available sizes
36" x 75',
36" x 150'

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FAQs on this product

Where can I find LEED information on your FibaTape and FibaFuse products?

Sustainability reports exist for both FibaTape and FibaFuse products and are available upon request

Does FibaTape meet ASTM Specifications?

Yes. FibaTape products meet the following ASTM standards: D-3775, C-474, D-17777, C-475 and D-3776. Other ASTM standards may be met with our specialty tape products.

Where can I buy FibaTape?

FibaTape can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Sherwin Williams, True Value,  Ace, Do-it-Best and other local hardware stores throughout US and Canada.  All products can also be found online for purchase.  Click here to visit our Where to Buy page.

Where are FibaTape and FibaFuse products manufactured?

All our FibaTape and FibaFuse tapes are made in the USA except for Perfect Finish which is made in Canada.

When do I use FibaFuse Wall Reinforcement and when do I use FibaTape Super Crackstop™?

Both products really accomplish the same thing. It would be a matter of personal preference. The FibaFuse is embedded in compound that is applied first. The Super Crackstop is self-adhesive and is applied to the wall or ceiling first and is then coated with joint compound.