FibaTape Cement Board being applied to wall.

FibaTape Cintas para juntas y accesorios

Cintas para juntas y accesorios
FibaTape application to drywall

FibaTape® Wall Finishing Tape

FibaTape fiberglass mesh tapes have been created to work with specific boards: Cement board tape for cement board, veneer plaster tape for plaster, etc. This high-performance solutions system is designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while deliveringing excellent value and performance. 

FibaTape finishing sponge being used on wall

FibaTape® Wall Finishing Accessories

We offer both hand and pole sanders, including our vacuum sanders, and the most appropriate sanding screens or papers to go with them.   

Taping jobs are done quickly and efficiently when using the FibaTape mesh tape applicator.  The FibaTape line of wall finishing accessories are the durable and reliable choice for your drywall finishing project! 

FibaTape patch being applied to wall.

FibaTape® Wall Repair

From small patch jobs to full wall repair, we have a product to meet your needs. For small jobs, our patches are designed to meet your needs whether you are repairing a hole from a door knob to ceiling repairs. For large jobs, our wide reinforcement fabrics can help you restore your walls without complete tear outs.