FibaTape Cement Board being applied to wall.

FibaTape Drywall Joint Tapes and Accessories

Drywall Tapes & Accessories
FibaTape application to drywall

FibaTape® Drywall Finishing Tape

As the original inventor of fiberglass drywall mesh tapes that have revolutionized the drywall industry, FibaTape is a complete line of drywall finishing solutions backed by industry-leading innovation. ​ FibaTape has become the brand professionals and DIYers turn to for quick and easy drywall finishing and repair solutions. ​ Our premium tapes, Cement Board, Mold-X, Extra Strength, Original, Perfect Finish, and Veneer Plaster are designed to work with specific boards. These high-performance, self-adhesive tapes are designed to be easier, faster, and stronger while delivering excellent performance.

FibaTape finishing sponge being used on wall

FibaTape® Drywall Finishing Tools

To complete your drywall project, you need the best drywall finishing tools! We are proud to offer hand, pole, and vacuum sanders, along with the sanding screens or papers to go with them. The FibaTape line of drywall finishing accessories is your project's most durable and reliable choice!

FibaTape patch being applied to wall.

FibaTape® Wall Repair

From small patch jobs to full wall repair, we have a product to meet your needs. For small jobs, our patches are designed to meet your needs whether you are repairing a hole from a door knob to ceiling repairs. For large jobs, our wide reinforcement fabrics can help you restore your walls without complete tear outs. 

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