Protect Your Pothole Repairs!

DIY Professional Driveway Repair

Peel & Seal Driveway Patch

Extends the life of your driveway repair

Seals Out Water

Compatible with all driveway sealers

Professional Look: Straight Edge Repairs

Professional solution to repair your driveway

long Lasting Pothole Repair for Driveways

10 ft. long patch that's easy to cut to size

Easy to Cut-to-Size

Easy to apply and bonds to both asphalt and concrete

Bonds to Asphalt & Concrete

Compatible with all driveway sealers

Peel & Seal It

Introducing the world's first patch to protect your driveway repairs! Peel & Seal Driveway Patch is an easy and professional driveway repair solution. The self-adhesive asphalt patch is used in conjunction with traditional pothole repair materials to seal the surface and prevent water penetration, prolonging the life of the repair. It is easy to apply, seals to both asphalt and concrete driveways, and can be coated with asphalt sealer. Stop repeatedly filling your driveway pothole - Peel & Seal it!

Top questions

How soon after installation can I drive on Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

The driveway can be opened for use immediately after installation. Traffic enhances the embedment of the patch.

What is the installation repair time required to fix a pothole with Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

Repair time on average takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and size of the repair.

Can Peel & Seal Driveway Patch be butted or lapped for larger or irregular shapes?

Yes, a 3” overlap is recommended whenever an irregular or a large repair is required

How much does a roll of Peel & Seal Driveway Patch weigh?

Average roll weight is 15 lbs.

How easy is it to cut Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

Using a utility knife, it is recommended to cut from the bottom or release paper side as it will cut cleaner through the bitumen and aggregate. 

Resources & Guides

Installation Guides (1)

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