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Roof Reinforcement

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ADFORS manufactures a variety of products and reinforcements for roofing applications. Designed to meet ASTM industry standards, our products include fiberglass and polyester scrims, fiberglass knits, glass mats, and laminates. Our breadth of products, technologies, and capabilities offer the perfect solution for your reinforcing needs.

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Modified Bitumen Roofing

ADFORS reinforcements provide tear and tensile strength, puncture resistance, and dimensional stability for modified bitumen membranes for low slope roofs. We offer fiberglass and polyester scrim laminates and fiberglass knits to be used in hot mop, torch, or cold applications. Non-woven manufacturers can also use our fiberglass laid scrims to add the same properties to modified bitumen reinforcements.

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Built Up Roofing 

ADFORS glass mat is designed to reinforce built-up roofing (BUR) membranes. Used as layers between waterproofing bitumen, our BUR fabric provides tear and tensile strength and dimensional stability for roofing applications.  

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ADFORS provides reinforcements for several products used in residential applications. These include laid scrim for targeted reinforcement of specialty roofing shingles. We also offer scrim laminates for the support of ice shield membranes. Our products increase the tensile strength, flexibility, and puncture resistance of our customers products.

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