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Recreation Reinforcement

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Recreation reinforcement scrims feature high tenacity and low elongation. These scrims are available with a variable angle fill or square pattern and are commonly used in sailcloth and recreation boards such as surfboards, paddleboards, and snowboards. Our recreation boards utilize our Engineered Specialty Fabrics technology, a proprietary process. 

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ADFORS sailcloth specialty scrim provides multi-directional reinforcement once it is laminated with a sailing film.  Our sailcloth scrims are designed to strengthen precise load paths for optimal sail performance vs. weight.  We can create infinite combinations from several high-tensile strength fibers, such as fiberglass and carbon, set at various angles to achieve the flexibility, durability, and appearance you require. 

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Recreation Boards

ADFORS creates innovative, customized scrims with high-performance fibers that deliver the optimal combination of mechanical properties with minimal weight. We can also tailor the angle of our fibers to your application need, providing strength exactly where you need it.

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