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ADFORS manufacturers multiple styles of glass scrims for reinforcement of paper, foil, and film laminates. These scrims are typically used by laminators to add tear resistance and tensile strength to their constructions.  


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Flex Duct

ADFORS flex duct reinforcements includes both square and tri-directional glass scrims. These laid scrims are used to provide additional support to flex duct walls and are UL listed to ensure compliance. Typical applications include silver or black jacket ducting in helical or lengthwise production methods. 

Close up of ADFORS flex duct laid scrim


ADFORS manufactures both square and tri-directional glass scrims that can be laminated with paper for reinforcement. The glass scrims provide excellent tear resistance properties to paper. The binders we use on our scrims are compatible with water-based or other adhesives that may be used in the lamination process.

Packaged box being placed on a shelf


Leveraging on our extensive experience acquired into the insulation market, ADFORS offers a complete range of solutions to manufacturers of insulating materials such as glass wool, stone wool, or PIR / PUR foams. 

Installers are constantly looking for solutions that help them being more productive on the job-site without comprimising on their comfort of installation. Our glass mat technology (either dry-laid or wet-laid) will provide an alternative to paper-faced solutions with superior mechanical strength and fire properties, and also help manufacturers in their production process optimization (e.g. higher compressed rolls). It can be black-colored for aesthetically sensitive applications such as ventilated façades, and its surface is printable to support our customers spreading out their branding strategy.   

Finally, wether our customers are looking for a binder which is formaldehyde-free to reduce their environmental impact, and/or to improve the softness of their insulating material, our team is available to define the solution that best fits their needs. 


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