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Heat Protection

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ADFORS designs, produces, and distributes a complete range of heat protection, thermal insulation, and fire protection solutions made from various types of synthetic fibers. We offer a wide range of narrow textiles, sealings, packings, fabrics, needle mats, 2D and 3D die-cut parts for the construction, industrial, and automotive markets. 


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Thermal Insulation

ADFORS offers fabrics, sleeves, stamped, and molded parts that are used to save energy, generate process heat, and shield objects from heat and sound. These specialty thermal insulation products are commonly used in automotive, shipbuilding, thermal process plants, and turbine insulation.

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Fire and Heat Protection

ADFORS offers a variety of high-tech heat-shielding fabrics that can be used in smoke curtains, fire doors, and blankets, as well as needle mats for protection on ships and submarines. We have many different materials that can be adapted to suit your needs, such as silicone-coated heat shielding fabrics, specialty fabrics with intumescent coatings, and high-temperature needle mats or fire boards.

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Personal Protective Equipment

ADFORS heat protection knit fabrics are used as personal protective equipment for the military, fire and police departments, and sports sectors. Our fabrics are suitable for equipment such as safety helmets, protective gloves and suits, and safety shoes. We strive to manufacture products that are comfortable to ensure maximum flexibility.

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ADFORS offers high quality fabrics that can be used to seal plants in an energy-efficient way. Our packings, ropes, tapes, and ribbons are used in industrial furnaces, chimneys, dryers, and heat exchangers. Our products provide perfect seals even under extreme conditions. 

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