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Top questions

What is difference between ADFORS FibaTape® and competitive cheaper tapes?

Our FibaTape® provides a longer lasting finish, with a faster and easier application in comparison to cheaper tapes. It is also produced in the EU and is the only CE marked fiberglass drywall joint tape for plasterboards.

Where are FibaTape and FibaFuse products manufactured?

All our FibaTape and FibaFuse tapes are made in the USA except for Perfect Finish which is made in Canada.

To what standard(s) does your mesh conform?

CSTB, ETAG004, ETA and of course it also conforms to other national standards.

I have a wandering ‘settling’ crack above my door. Do you have a product to cover/reinforce this kind of issue?

Yes. We would suggest you use our self-adhesive 25m × 150mm Crackstop product to help with this problem. As cracks do not usually appear in straight line, it is often necessary to use a wider tape to provide sufficient coverage and reinforcement over either side of the crack.

Does your drywall joint tape (e.g. Mold-X tape) contain any biocides and, if so, what documentation do you have to share on this?

The coating used on our Mold X tape contains an antimicrobial agent, but we are unable to disclose any further information on this as it is proprietary and confidential. Please refer to our ‘Safe Use Instruction Sheet’ for further information on safe handling.

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