Image of interior bathroom wall

Wall Coverings

ADFORS Novelio® is a range of paintable, soft and resistant wall coverings that are quick and easy to apply, providing maximum protection to walls and ceilings.
ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Classic T2011 interior

Novelio® Classic Standard

 ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Decoration Crepine interior N0710

Novelio Decoration Woven

Paintable and ready-to-use glass fiber wallcoverings

Paintable fiberglass wall coverings are designed to provide maximum protection to interior walls and ceilings. The Novelio range is easy to install and can save time on application thanks to a wide range of finishes. 

Novelio wall coverings combine durable, long-term protection with unique wall aesthetics. 

Wallcovering Novelio Decoration

Our fiberglass wallcoverings come in a range of modern and elegant designs, combining style with protection for walls in high traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, and schools. 

Innovative solutions such as Pre-Painted, EasyGlue, and EasyFix help reduce application time, while Clean Air and Mold-X offer better living conditions to the end-user.