geomembrane over large pond

Papers & Film Reinforcement

Customizable yarns and coatings

ADFORS manufactures a wide variety of fiberglass and polyester scrims used in extrusion coating and laminating processes to reinforce papers, films, and fabrics. Our scrim provides higher tensile strength and tear resistance to products. We offer numerous designs, widths, yarn types, and coatings.

Laid Scrim tri-directional

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ADFORS manufactures lightweight square polyester scrims for tissue lamination. The thermoplastic binder on our scrim acts as the glue between plys in the lamination process. Commonly used in medical or industrial wipes, our binder level can be varied depending upon tissue porosity and number of plys.

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ADFORS manufactures reinforcements for geomembranes such as oil drilling rig containment, fracking ponds, water retention ponds, and other water-resistant membranes. ADFORS reinforcement products include heavy-weight polyester and wick-resistant scrim for use with heavy-duty extrusions.

geomembrane over large pond

Brattice Cloth

ADFORS manufactures fabrics for mining shaft curtains and air duct wall reinforcement. The ADFORS brattice cloth reinforcement is manufactured with high-tenacity polyester scrim constructions. This reinforcement scrim fabric can be easily integrated with heavy or lightweight extruded films for a final product.

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