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Can the top (aggregate surface) or bottom (bitumen side) of Peel & Seal Driveway Patch be heated with a torch?

It is acceptable to lightly heat the top (aggregate surface) of the patch to soften the bitumen before embedment. Apply torch 8” – 12” away, constantly moving the torch evenly over the surface, as to avoid burning or melting the surface. Holding the torch in one place will melt the surface. Do not heat or torch the bottom (bitumen side) of the patch. Doing so may result in damage to the bitumen preventing it from installing properly. It is best to heat the pavement directly in front of the patch as the patch is placed on the pavement, as noted in the instructions.

How easy is it to cut Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

Using a utility knife, it is recommended to cut from the bottom or release paper side as it will cut cleaner through the bitumen and aggregate. 

Can seal coat such as driveway sealer be used over top of Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

Yes, once installed Peel & Seal Driveway Patch can be sealed with driveway sealer.

How much does a roll of Peel & Seal Driveway Patch weigh?

Average roll weight is 15 lbs.

Can Peel & Seal Driveway Patch be butted or lapped for larger or irregular shapes?

Yes, a 3” overlap is recommended whenever an irregular or a large repair is required

What is the installation repair time required to fix a pothole with Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

Repair time on average takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the type and size of the repair.

How long must the driveway be closed after installation of American Road Patch?

The driveway can be opened to traffic immediately after installation. Traffic enhances the embedment of Peel & Seal Driveway Patch because it is designed to become part of the pavement.

What is the recommended type of pothole fill material?

Peel & Seal Driveway Patch works well with hot asphalt and all types of cold patch products.

How soon after installation can I drive on Peel & Seal Driveway Patch?

The driveway can be opened for use immediately after installation. Traffic enhances the embedment of the patch.

Will American Road Patch hold-up against a snow plow?

Peel & Seal Driveway Patch will perform through multiple seasons, freeze-thaw cycles, ice, and snow. When specific guidelines and instructions are followed, we have not seen snow plows dislodge the patche. Peel & Seal Driveway Patch is not indestructible but is incredibly durable when applied properly.

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