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Interior/Exterior Reinforcement

Structural and surface reinforcement

ADFORS offers a wide variety of products for interior and exterior reinforcements. Our products include laid scrims, knit, and woven fabrics for structural and surface reinforcement.

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Cement & MgO Board

Cement board is a highly durable building material, providing a solid and water-resistant substrate for tiled areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and swimming pools.ADFORS offers a scrim reinforcement that is alkali-resistant and used to provide structural integrity in cement boards. Options include standard scrim styles or laminates with and added glassmat or polypropylene non-woven for a smoother surface. The PVC-coated scrim provides excellent handling and embedment qualities with fastener pull-through resistance.

scrim coming off a piece of cement board

Gypsum Facer

Gypsum facer is a glass mat fabric designed to be used as a replacement for the traditional paper facer on many gypsum boards. Replacing paper facings with glass mat facings not only removes a potential food source for mold but also improves its impact, fire, and humidity resistance. As a result, these paperless boards are ideal for use in exterior commercial construction and interior, high moisture areas such as bathrooms and basements.

glass mat fabric being unrolled

High Impact Gypsum Board

For additional impact and abrasion resistance of gypsum boards, ADFORS offers a variety of glass scrims that can be used between the gypsum and the facer to provide increased strength. This layer of scrim reinforcement fabric can be designed to your specified strength requirements.

man installing gypsum board

Strengthening Reinforcement Grid

Strengthening Reinforcement Grid (SRG) is an alkali-resistant, knit fiberglass grid designed to fortify concrete structures and products.  SRG can be used to reinforce weight-bearing structures or those that must withstand repeated force or impact. Unlike steel, SRG will not become corroded and degrade over time. Under the US Army Corps of Engineers, SRG was tested for seismic resistance and demonstrated superior strength and ductility when compared to unreinforced walls. 

SRG Beauty Image 4


ADFORS offers a mosaic tile mesh with a woven fiberglass fabric that supports the assembly and installation of mosaic tile designs. Our mesh fabric will support various weights of mosaic tiles and facilitates ease of installation by the end-user. ADFORS offers many different solutions for tile backing depending upon your requirements.

mosaic tile and mesh

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