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Façade Reinforcement

Facade Reinforcement

Saint-Gobain ADFORS offers a wide variety of products for façade reinforcement. Our technologies include woven, knit, and laid scrim fabrics for structural and surface reinforcement of many construction systems including EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems), stucco, and architectural shapes. 


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EIFS Reinforcement Mesh

EIFS Reinforcement Mesh

Saint Gobain ADFORS is one of the leading manufacturer of EIFS Reinforcement Mesh.  Our EIFS Reinforcement Mesh is engineered for performance through specialized fiberglass constructions and coatings that are fire retardant and provide alkali-resistance. ADFORS mesh is also designed with a pliable coating which maintains flexibility for ease of application and a stronger bond. All of our EIFS Reinforcement products meet or exceed industry standards. 

Man installing reinforcement mesh


Fiberglass alternative to metal lath

FibaLath is an innovative fiberglass lath for use in stucco applications and exterior or interior manufactured stone and brick facades.

The unique patented three-dimensional profile of FibaLath is self-furring and attaches the same way as metal lath. FibaLath is also lightweight and pliable making it easier and safer to cut and carry compared to metal lath.

Image of Fibalath

Architectural Shapes (Foam Shape Mesh)

ADFORS mesh for architectural shapes is specifically engineered to maximize strength, comfortability, and adhesion to architectural shape contours. The unique hybrid construction mesh is a blend of polyester and fiberglass yarns that provide increased tensile strength and flexibility. Our specially formulated adhesive allows for thorough bonding to the profile surface which eliminates stretching and bubbling for defect-free architectural shapes.

Close up angle of foam shape mesh

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