FibaTape Drywall Joint Tapes

FibaTape® Original

Original, self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape that eliminates bubbles and blisters. Used for drywall finishing and wall repair jobs.

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Product Overview

FibaTape® is self-adhesive and easy to apply. The open fiberglass mesh eliminates blisters and bubbles commonly found with paper tape.


  • Reduced dry time - Embedding coat is not required
  • Self-adhesive - Easy application
  • Smooth finish - Eliminates blisters & bubbles commonly found with paper tapes 
  • Yellow option - Yellow tape remains visible until properly covered


  • Drywall joints
  • Drywall finishing
  • Crack repair
Available sizes
1 7/8" x 50' ,
1 7/8" x 150' ,
1 7/8" x 180',
1 7/8" x 300' ,
1 7/8" x 500'

Resources & Guides

Brochures & Sell Sheets (1)

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Installation Guides (1)

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FAQs on this product

How do I apply FibaTape?

FibaTape drywall tapes are self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes. As long as the surface is dry and dust free the tape will stick by pressing into place by hand or with a taping knife. The tape is now ready to be coated with joint compound.

What is the difference between the white and yellow FibaTape?

Our White and Yellow FibaTape products are the same tape.  The color is a matter of personal preference.  The yellow tape offers a little more guidance to make sure you have enough mud to cover the tape and to make sure that you don't sand down too low.

Does FibaTape need to be embedded?

Yes. FibaTape has to be embedded in joint compound but not in the same manner as paper tape or FibaFuse tape. FibaTape is self-adhesive and should be pressed into place over the seams or in inside corners before any joint compound is applied. The compound is applied over the tape and because it is a mesh tape the compound actually is forced through the tape. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of FibaTape, the ability to put all the tape in place and then embed.