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GlasGrid 8511

United States , Shreveport
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Pavement Reinforcement System

APPLICATION: At Shreveport Downtown Airport, Taxiway Foxtrot is one of the most used taxiways. This taxiway was in need of rehabilitation that would specifically address the block and alligator cracking.  

CHALLENGE: Foxtrot is located parallel to the main runway and is situated on the terminal side. Due to its positioning, it was very difficult to provide maintenance without inconveniencing customers. For projects where complete reconstruction is not a viable option, construction must be done over pavement layers that are no longer continuous. 

SITE CONDITIONS: The weather in Louisiana is generally hot, therefore the sun oxidizes the pavements leaving them brittle and prone to cracking under heavy traffic. Due to frequent warm temperatures and constant traffic, the pavement had significant block and alligator cracking directly in the landing gear paths. It was also riddled with both longitudinal and transverse cracks. 

SOLUTION: It was decided to remove 3.5” of old oxidized asphalt from the surface and replace with new asphalt pavement of the same thickness now containing GlasGrid® 8511. The GlasGrid® was installed over a 1.5” leveling course and then covered with a 2” wearing course. The taxiway was paved the same day it was installed, therefore not inconveniencing customers for a long period of time.  

PERFORMANCE: The reinforced overlay has remained crack free and has met all expectations. The runway is still consistently used. 

SYSTEM ADVANTAGES: Introduced in 1989, the GlasGrid System consists of stiff environmentally friendly fiberglass material coated with a specially formulated elastomeric polymer. The grid is rolled out over a smooth asphaltic surface, rolled with a pneumatic tired roller, and can be paved immediately with an overlay. The GlasGrid System is considered the most expedient installed interlayer system available. GlasGrid has been successfully used within asphalt overlays throughout the world to combat reflective cracking initiated by one or more of the following:

  • Concrete pavement longitudinal and transverse joints
  • Thermal loading
  • Lane widening
  • Cement treated or stabilized layer shrinkage cracks
  • Block cracks
  • Asphalt construction joints 
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