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Our screen replacement kits are available in four types of screens, Clear Advantage, Pet Resistant, Extra Strength, and Standard Fiberglass.  The kits include an installation tool, spline, and enough material to replace the screen of two standard windows or one standard door.


  • Perfect for large windows, doors, and other high usage areas 
  • Ideal solution for window screen replacement on larger windows or for screen door replacements
  • All-in-one window screen replacement kit includes a 36-inch x 84-inch extra strength screen roll, 1 spline tool roller, and 0.140-inch diameter spline
  • Finer mesh and weave provide greater insect protection than a standard screen; keeping bugs out
  • Easy installation made simple with everything needed in a DIY window screen replacement kit
  • Durable PVC coated fiberglass screen mesh creates a long-lasting window screen that you can enjoy for years

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FAQs on this product

Will these same tools work for my porch?

You will still need a spline tool and spline, however, depending on the spline channel itself, you may require a round spline with a different diameter. We recommend .140' for normal channels, but .125', .160', .175', .190' and .220' are also available.

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