FibaTape Drywall Joint Tapes

FibaTape® Mold-X 10®

Mold-resistant, self-adhesive, fiberglass drywall joint tape that is ideal for use in paperless drywall systems

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Product Overview

FibaTape Mold-X 10 is a self-adhesive, mold-resistant drywall tape that is ideal for use in paperless drywall systems. The anti-microbial coating repels fungus and black mold, which can affect air quality. The fiberglass mesh is thin and strong for a smooth, long-lasting joint.


  • Ideal for use with mold-resistant and paperless drywall applications
  • Anti-microbial properties protect joints from mold & mildew growth in high humidity environments
  • Scores a perfect "10" on ASTM D3273 mold test (standard test method for resistance to growth of mold on interior coatings)
  • Self-adhesive mesh saves time by eliminating the need for a pre-bedding coat
  • Open-mesh design eliminates blisters and bubbles commonly found with paper drywall tapes
  • Tough fiberglass mesh increases joint strength and structural integrity of wall system


  • Paperless drywall
  • Mold-resistant drywall systems
  • High humidity areas
  • Drywall joints
Available sizes
1 7/8" x 300'

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Installation Guides (1)

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FAQs on this product

How do I apply FibaTape?

FibaTape drywall tapes are self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes. As long as the surface is dry and dust free the tape will stick by pressing into place by hand or with a taping knife. The tape is now ready to be coated with joint compound.

Does FibaTape need to be embedded?

Yes. FibaTape has to be embedded in joint compound but not in the same manner as paper tape or FibaFuse tape. FibaTape is self-adhesive and should be pressed into place over the seams or in inside corners before any joint compound is applied. The compound is applied over the tape and because it is a mesh tape the compound actually is forced through the tape. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of FibaTape, the ability to put all the tape in place and then embed.

Does FibaTape meet ASTM Specifications?

Yes. FibaTape products meet the following ASTM standards: D-3775, C-474, D-17777, C-475 and D-3776. Other ASTM standards may be met with our specialty tape products.

Can I use FibaTape or FibaFuse on an inside corner?

Yes.  FibaTape can be used to tape inside corners. Just fold it with one hand and press into the corner with the other. The tape is self-adhesive so it can be applied to all the inside corners before any joint compound is applied. Make sure the tape is tight into the corner without being slightly rounded. If it is rounded then it is not tight into the corner. So when a taping knife is used to apply and smooth the joint compound the taping knife could accidently cut through the tape. FibaTape does make a special tool for placing the tape into the inside corners.  The dispenser type tool holds a roll of tape and actually rolls the tape tight into the corner and cuts it to the desired length. A must have tool for larger taping jobs.

FibaFuse is pre-creased for corners.  While you can use a taping knife, we suggest using a corner trowel for installation to prevent cutting the tape.

Can I use Mold-X10 on cement board in my shower?

No. The Mold-X10 fiberglass mesh tape is made for drywall seams and intended to be coated with joint compound. FibaTape’s Cement Board Tape is the product for cement board.  The alkali-resistant coating protects the fiberglass from degradation that can occur with thin-set mortar.