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Extra Strength Insect Screen

Extend the life of your screen with the ultimate in strength and durability

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Product Overview

Extra Strength screen is our strongest fiberglass screen. The Extra Strength screen's heavyweight weave is 40% stronger than standard fiberglass mesh providing greater protection and long-lasting durability while offering excellent outward visibility.

Extra Strength Insect Screen Benefits

  • Extra Strength window screen mesh resists dents, stains, and scratches
  • Finer mesh and weave provide greater insect protection than a standard screen; keeping bugs out
  • Durable PVC coated fiberglass screen mesh creates a long-lasting window screen that you can enjoy for years
Insect Screen
Available widths
36" ,
Available lengths
Yarn Diameter
10 year limited warranty on Ready Rolls

Resources & Guides

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FAQs on this product

Why is ADFORS screen flame resistant and the competition’s screen is not?

ADFORS screen was tested per the ASTM standard test for flame resistance. Our coating is specially formulated to contain flame-resistant properties.

What are ASTM tests D3656 and D6413?*

These two tests measure the flame time, flame height, and char length of the screen when exposed to a flame source and after removal of the flame source. *Testing results available upon request

What is the difference between Extra Strength screen and Pet Resistant screen?

Extra Strength screen is made from Fiberglass yarn and was specifically engineered to perform well in large openings. Pet Resistant screen is made from a flexible polyester yarn that helps resist tears from animal claws.

Does a stronger screen mean that it is more difficult to see through?

No. In addition to increased durability, ADFORS Extra Strength screen offers excellent outward visibility.

When would I use Extra Strength screen over standard Fiberglass screen?

Extra Strength Screen is most useful in areas where more strength is needed such as large openings, or anywhere that children or pets may bump into.