Patch & Repair Products

Wall Repair Patch 

Wall & Ceiling Patches

FibaTape Wall and Ceiling repair patches are ideal for permanently repairing damaged drywall or plaster. Our perforated aluminum patches and fiberglass reinforcement layer add strength, while the self-adhesive design allows easy installation and finishing. Our patches can be used on walls or ceilings and will not sag or rust.

FibaFuse applied to cracked wall

Wall Repair Fabrics

Wall repair fabrics are perfect for surface repairs, reoccurring, and alligator cracking. All of our repair fabrics are made with fiberglass mesh, ensuring a strong and lasting repair. Designed for both professional contractors and DIYers,  our fabrics are easy to use and can be used on drywall or plaster.


Wall Repair Kits

ADFORS provides wall repair kits designed for fixing holes up to 3 inches in size. Our DIY kits are easy to use and include a self-adhesive patch and all necessary tools for completing your task. Repairing holes is now simpler than ever with our products.