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GlasGrid 8502

United States , Farmington
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Pavement Reinforcement System

APPLICATION: High-strength asphalt pavement reinforcement materials were utilized to address longitudinal construction joints located directly in the vehicular wheel path.

CHALLENGE: The repairs to Ontario Co. Rd. 41 in New York State resulted in two full-depth construction joints located approximately 2.74m (9 ft) from the centerline on each side of the road. The goal was to keep the 2.4km (1.5 miles) long construction joints over the wheel paths from becoming an ongoing maintenance challenge.

SITE CONDITIONS: The persistent drainage issues on both sides of Ontario Co. Road 41 necessitated that the outside sections be removed and replaced with a more effective drainage solution. While this reinstatement returned the pavement surface back to existing grade, it resulted in 2 longitudinal construction joints directly in each of the two right wheel paths. (Fig. 1) 


  • Existing roadway section was milled to remove 50mm (2 in) of the asphalt pavement and replaced back to the existing grade to correct the cross fall.
  • Installed GlasGrid® asphalt pavement reinforcement, centered over both construction joints 1.5m (5 ft) wide
  • Placed and compacted 40mm (1.5 in) of wearing course asphalt over the full width of the pavement. 

GlasGrid® 8502 was selected to provide the necessary reinforcement over the construction joint to interrupt the crack progress to the surface. The strong tensile and high modulus characteristics of GlasGrid® contributed to the improved performance of the project by constraining the crack energy and redirecting it horizontally, thereby adding life and longevity to the overlay while reducing future maintenance requirements.

PERFORMANCE: With over 8 years of service, the road is performing very well. GlasGrid® has provided the performance needed. The pavement that is reinforced with GlasGrid® is not showing any cracks, however, cracks have started to appear along the centerline and edges of the roadway where there is not any GlasGrid® located. (Fig. 5) (Fig. 5) Crack from edge of the roadway is present across the shoulder area however it ends where the GlasGrid® is located  

SYSTEM ADVANTAGES: Introduced in 1989, the GlasGrid® System consists of stiff environmentally friendly fiberglass material coated with an elastomeric polymer. The grid is rolled out over a thin leveling course placed before the main asphalt overlay. With it's pressure-sensitive, adhesive backing, installation of the GlasGrid® System for reinforcement is easy and generally considered the most expedient installed interlayer system available. GlasGrid® has been successfully used within asphalt overlays throughout the world to combat reflective cracking initiated by one or more of the following:

  • Concrete pavement longitudinal and transverse joints
  • Thermal loading 
  • Lane widening 
  • Cement treated or stabilized layer shrinkage cracks 
  • Block cracks 
  • Asphalt construction joints 
8502 fig 1
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