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Announcing Peel & Seal Driveway Patch made by the creators of American Road Patch

ADFORS is pleased to announce that we now offer American Road Patch (ARP) for home and personal projects! Peel & Seal Driveway Patch is a product that repairs potholes in driveways and parking lots. It is made by the creators of American Road Patch.

Peel & Seal Driveway Patch seals cold patch material in place. It creates a water-tight seal over areas like sidewalks and drains. These are the areas where asphalt pavements degrade first. Driveway patch can also slow down alligator crack damage, saving time before replacing the whole pavement.



Repairing potholes or cracks in your driveway or parking lots is a simple process and something any DIY’er can do themselves. It just requires a few materials: broom, shovel, tamper, utility knife, and cold or hot asphalt mix. You must first fill the hole with cold asphalt mix to repair your driveway or parking lot. Then, apply the Peel & Seal Driveway Patch on top to seal it in place. For a more comprehensive guide, you can visit our website and view our instruction guide and video!

Peel & Seal Driveway Patch by American Road Patch is an easy, at-home, DIY project that provides a professional-looking repair and is now available on Amazon!