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Become a FibaFuse Pro!



Are you eager to enhance your drywall skills and achieve professional-grade results? The FibaFuse® Professional Education Course is your perfect solution. Led by renowned drywall contractor Myron Ferguson, this FREE course provides tips and tricks for using FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Tape. In just six straightforward lessons, you'll gain a wealth of techniques to elevate your drywall skills and deliver superior performance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this course is tailored to meet your needs.

FibaFuse is a mold-resistant joint treatment that makes it easy to achieve professional results. The distinctive open-fiber design of FibaFuse is engineered to seamlessly meld with joint compound, creating a bond that is not only stronger but also contributes to the integrity and strength of the joints. This unique feature is crucial for professionals aiming for a seamless finish that looks impeccable and is built to last. Utilizing FibaFuse translates to many benefits on the job: 

  • Simplifies the application process

  • Reduces the time spent on the job

  • Minimizes the potential for errors that can compromise the quality of the project

Navigating drywall installation can present a variety of common yet frustrating challenges. Thankfully, the FibaFuse Professional Education Course is expertly designed to address these hurdles head-on, equipping you with the strategies necessary to resolve them. Whether you're grappling with issues like wrinkling, bubbling, or less-than-ideal adhesion, this course provides solutions. These practical tips are not just quick fixes but aim to elevate the overall quality of your work.

Whether you're tackling a large-scale commercial project or a delicate residential repair, the lessons in this course will help you achieve finishes that last.