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Biodiversity Project in Albion, NY

As part of Saint-Gobain's mission to Make the World a Better Home, our Albion, New York plant team has undertaken a project to promote biodiversity. As a part of this initiative, the team in Albion is offering bat houses to all employees.

The Northern Long-eared Bat is an endangered species located in Orleans County. Installing bat houses provides roost sites for female bats actively searching for safe and quiet places to give birth. In addition, bats have several vital roles in the natural world. Not only do they act as pest controllers, but they also pollinate plants and disperse seeds. Therefore, having bats nearby would be beneficial to reduce the mosquito population.

This year over 150 sheets of scrap plywood were sent to a local trade school in Spencerport, NY, to craft the houses. The students utilized all of the scrap plywood the Albion plant receives as part of their yarn packaging. All employees at the plant were encouraged to take these bat houses and utilize them at their homes!