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FibaTape - An option to fit every drywall project need!

As the original inventor of mesh tape, FibaTape is a complete line of mesh drywall finishing solutions backed by industry-leading innovation. Made in the USA, the FibaTape family includes a complete range of drywall joint tapes and reinforcement products that provide strength and flexibility. Our premium tapes are designed to work with specific boards by offering features like mold resistance, smoother finishes, and increased joint strength.

FibaTape has become the brand professionals and DIYers turn to because of its ease and superiority to paper tape. FibaTape products will not rip or wrinkle like paper tape due to the fiberglass mesh reinforcement, which makes it ideal for use in areas like corners, where the drywall may be more prone to cracking or breaking. The reinforcement mesh also prevents the tape from stretching or tearing when applied, providing a more reliable bond. In addition, FibaTape products are adhesive, so you do not need to embed them in the joint compound as paper tape, saving you time! FibaTape drywall tapes are an excellent choice for any homeowner or contractor looking for a reliable way to repair holes in walls and ceilings, and there is an option to fit every project need!



FibaTape Original: The original self-adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape that reduces application and dry time.

FibaTape Perfect Finish: An ultra-thin, self-adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall tape that is 33% thinner for an even smoother finish. 

FibaTape Extra Strength: Perfect for crack prone areas such as vaulted ceilings or archways. Its wider width allows for better gap coverage and stress distribution, and can also be used for patch and repair projects.

FibaTape Mold-X10: A mold resistant, self-adhesive, fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape that repels fungus and black mold in high humidity environments.

FibaTape Cement Board: Alkali-resistant, self-adhesive, fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape for reinforcing joints in cement board finishing. 

FibaTape Veneer Plaster: Designed for use with veneer plaster finishes and blue plasterboard. The Veneer tape is wider than standard mesh drywall tape and works with a variety of custom plaster finishes from ultra-smooth to custom textures.