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A new coated veil line for Saint-Gobain ADFORS in Poland


 To meet rising demand for lightweight construction, Saint-Gobain ADFORS has just commissioned a new, more efficient and more sustainable coated glass mat production line in its Gorlice plant in Poland.

Coated glass mat is a high value-added product, where the glass mat is coated with a proprietary mineral paste to bring new properties, such as UV resistance, water repellency, acoustic properties, fire resistance, etc. 
One of the main current applications is to enhance the performance of gypsum boards by replacing their typical paper cover and making the board more resistant to UV or damp conditions – critical properties to use the board as external sheathing or as tile backer board in humid environments.

Demand for these high-added value boards has been growing rapidly worldwide, driven by lighter & more efficient construction methods.

The Saint-Gobain ADFORS site in Gorlice (Poland) is undergoing a rapid transformation to support such growth. The plant has just invested in a new, faster, more efficient and more sustainable production line. The goal? “Significant capacity increase, more flexibility with larger and wider rolls, custom colors and printing, and a reduced energy consumption to fit better our customer needs and reduce our environmental footprint”, says Janusz Sendecki, Site Manager of Saint-Gobain ADFORS Poland Site. 

"This investment is our commitment to continue to support our customers’ continuous growth and the transformation of the construction industry towards lightweight and sustainability," says Othman Benjelloun, General Manager of Industrial Fabrics Business Unit. “This is a very exciting time for coated glass mat, and we look forward to partnering with building materials manufacturers to expand the range of applications supported by this product line." Production capacity is steadily ramping up, and the new line is on track to be fully operational by end of 2022.


About Saint-Gobain ADFORS
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Saint-Gobain ADFORS Industrial Fabrics Business unit manufactures customized innovative technical textiles in co-development with its customers to reinforce or face their final products.



ADFORS plant in Gorlice, Poland