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Pool & Patio Premium Polyester (P4) WIDER WIDTHS

New Sizes For Pool & Patio Premium Polyester Screen

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is excited to announce that we now offer wider widths of our Pool & Patio Premium Polyester (P4) product.  For both our 17x14 and 17x20 constructions, you can now purchase new lengths of 132” (11ft), 144” (12ft), and 156” (13ft). These 100’ rolls are ideal for large picture window openings in pool cages as they do not obstruct the view like other products. 



P4 for patio enclosures is a specialty fabric that maintains its color, visual appearance, and structural integrity much longer than traditional fiberglass products. Produced with a denser construction, P4 allows considerable light and airflow transmittance. Compared to other polyester products, P4 has a slightly thinner profile, offering a better handling and installation experience.

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